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Plato Teammates Cheering

133 Years of Learning, 133 years of Tradition

Traditions are a critical piece of the BGA culture. From Opening Convocation to the end-of-year Tug and Field Day, BGA students of all ages participate in time-honored, community traditions that create lifelong bonds with their classmates and with alumni across the country.

Greers & Platos

For more than 80 years, BGA students and faculty have been assigned to the Greer or Plato literary society, creating an academic and athletic rivalry that is central to BGA's day-to-day school life beginning in fourth grade. The year-long competition between the societies culminates each year with divisional Tug of Wars. 

Greer Student

Homecoming & Spirit Week

Each fall, students in kindergarten through 12th grade celebrate BGA Homecoming and Spirit Week with themed dress days, games and competitions, pep rallies and more as they prepare to cheer on our Wildcat football team and welcome alumni back to campus on Friday evening

Football Players

Grit Day

Each year, the week before spring break, Middle and Upper School students celebrate Grit Day. A tradition at BGA for more than 50 years, students and faculty dress up in costume and compete on creativity by grade, all for bragging rights and the opportunity to eat a spoonful of cold grits at the school assembly. 

Grit Day

Jamboree & Field Day

The spring semester includes a number of fun traditions, including Jamboree (for Middle and Upper School students) and Field Day (Lower School). Jamboree events typically include a cookout, food trucks, performances by the Contemporary Music Ensemble, and inflatables in the Glen Echo quad. Field Day for our Lower School students includes relay races, playing, a picnic lunch, and cheering on our fourth-graders as they compete in their first Greer-Plato Tug of War on the football field.


College Decision Day

During the last full week of classes for our seniors, the College Center hosts the annual College Decision Day celebration to recognize the graduating class and their post-BGA plans. Seniors are invited to wear a college t-shirt from the college/university to which they are matriculating this fall, and to join in the celebration celebration and recognize the diversity of our own academic backgrounds, BGA faculty and staff are encouraged to wear a t-shirt or polo from their college alma mater (undergraduate or graduate) as well. Recent Decision Day activities have included competitions, giveaways, and special on-campus dining experiences for the graduating seniors.

College Decision Day

The Tug

As the end of the school year approaches excitement over the year-end Tug of Wars increases. Fourth-graders compete in their first Tug during Field Day, while Middle School students tug across the creek that runs through the Glen Echo campus. But there's one day in May at BGA that's like no other day at any other school in the country: it's Upper School Tug Day when the whole Upper School treks out to the Harpeth River, and the Greers and Platos each attempt to drag the other into the river's murky waters. 

Tug Day

Almost Alumni Luncheon

Each spring, BGA’s Office of Alumni Relations hosts the Almost Alumni Luncheon for the graduating class. During the luncheon, students receive a gift, update their contact information to ensure they’re on our mailing list for their first semester care package, and learn more about how they can network with other alumni for internships and job opportunities.

Almost Alumni