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It’s Teacher Tuesday, and today, the Academy is celebrating our incredible educators – and we invite you to join in the celebration by giving to the BGA Fund and investing in:

  • Student Success

  • Innovation

  • Retention and Recruitment

  • Community Impact

  • Competitiveness

The value of investing in our teachers cannot be overstated, and every gift made today will be used for faculty salaries and professional development. Competitive compensation, professional growth opportunities, and a generous community make BGA an attractive place to teach, ensuring we always have dedicated and caring professionals who contribute to our mission.  


percent of BGA faculty and staff with advanced degrees (compared to 70% among our local peers).

BGA faculty and staff salaries as a percentage of the school's operating budget (compared to 60.1% among our local peers).

percent of BGA parent participation in the BGA Fund (compared to 76% among our local peers).

percent of BGA alumni participation (compared to 14% among our local peers).

Our students and alumni share how BGA teachers have shaped their lives.