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The best seat in the house has your name on it!

To date, parents, alumni, and other members of the Battle Ground Academy community have contributed more than $22 million toward all of the Creating Our Future capital campaign initiatives. There is approximately $2.7 left to raise to achieve our capital campaign goals, and to that end, we are launching the Take Your Seat campaign, providing an opportunity for everyone in the BGA community to be a part of this historic campaign and leave a lasting mark in our exceptional new theater.

Dedicate a seat for yourself, your family or a favorite teacher.

Your (or their) name will be front and center on the back of one of 300* seats inside BGA's Center for Arts and Entrepreneurship theater. Your seat plaque dedication of $5,000 will be a lasting testament to your commitment to the school and will help the school close out the CAE portion of Creating Our Future.

*This is a limited opportunity with only 300 seats available, and you may purchase one or multiple seats.

Payment on seats must be completed by June 30, 2025. Plaques will be ordered after full payment is received and in quantities of 50.

Event seating is not guaranteed in chairs bearing specific names. Seat sponsors must reserve seats for any performance in the theater when required. BGA has the right to decline any unacceptable language or that which does not abide by BGA’s standards.

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