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Restricted Gifts

Our mission: To ignite and nurture student curiosity, intellect, and character.

For more than 130 years, BGA has provided a transformative experience for its students.  Gifts to BGA’s endowment funds and other restricted funds help provide unique opportunities for students and support of our faculty.


How Restricted Gift Funds Benefit the Academy

In addition to the BGA Fund, there are a number of other funds, programs, and projects that donors support. While the BGA Fund provides unrestricted support of the school’s daily operations, these restricted gifts and endowment funds help improve the BGA student experience by funding items and programs outside of and in addition to the school’s operating budget. When you give a restricted gift, you have the opportunity to direct your gift to an endowment or other fund that provides revenue to an area of the school important to you. 

A note about new restricted gifts: Designated or restricted gifts may be accepted, assuming they meet the following criteria: the item being purchased or program being supported is mission appropriate; support for the item or program does not conflict with other school-sponsored fundraising; and the gift will significantly fund (90%) the cost of the project if it is something not currently in the school’s budget.