Character. Scholarship. Excellence.
We saw what an education BGA can provide in terms of preparation for life and college, discipline, wholesome values and lifelong relationships.
Kathy and Steve Schultenover believe in giving back.  Especially to Battle Ground Academy. The Schultenovers are the proud parents of two BGA alums. Eric Schultenover ’92 is law partner at Waller Lansden in Nashville and practices in the area of corporate restructuring, and their daughter Sara Schultenover Kubicki ’94 is a specialist with The Pentagon and is a 2008 recipient of the BGA Distinguished Young Alumnus Award.

When Kathy and Steve wrote their wills awhile back, their attorney advised them to think about schools, organizations or charities that meant a lot to them during their lifetime and to consider making those special organizations part of their estate planning process.

“We immediately thought of BGA,” reflects Steve. “Although we were not graduates of the school, our children were and we saw what an education BGA can provide in terms of preparation for life and college, discipline, wholesome values and lifelong relationships.”

Kathy affirms, “Our children’s years at BGA were happy and productive ones, it was a source of many happy times for us, also. We made many wonderful friends there over the years.

“We want this to continue into the future for other young people and their parents, possibly for our own grandchildren. Including BGA in our planned giving seemed like a way to do this,” Kathy says.

Dr. Steve Schultenover has been a pathologist for nearly 30 years in Nashville and currently serves as an Associate Professor of Pathology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Kathy Schultenover is a former English teacher and has been a Book Club Coordinator at Davis Kidd Booksellers for 17 years. She continues to serve on the BGA Board of Visitors.

The Everbright Society was established to honor and recognize those individuals who have generously included Battle Ground Academy in their estate plan. Gifts of this type are generally directed towards endowment and last in perpetuity benefiting present and future generations of BGA students. This legacy society takes its name from the Everbright Mansion, which servedas a temporary school when BGA’s main building burned in 1902 and again in 1910.

Everbright Society Members

Mr. John H. Adger '61
Mr. James H. Akin '38*
Mr. William B. Akin '51
Mr. L. H. Armistead, III '69
Mrs. Donna L. Baker
Mr. James E. Barney '49*
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler R. Berry, IV '87
Mr. W. Everette Bethshares, Jr. '53
Dr. and Mrs. Lucas G. Boyd
Mr. Harold E. Brewer '76
Mr. James A. Britt, Jr. '26*
Mrs. Lucille F. Britt*
Mr. S. Ralph Brown '49
Mrs. S. Ralph Brown*
Mr. Stewart Campbell, Sr. '24*
Mr. James C. Clarkson '91
Mr. Thomas A. Clarkson, III '55
Mr. John B. Colmore
Ms. Jennie Ruth Corn*
Ms. E. Currey Courtney
Mr. Robin S. Courtney '46*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Crutcher '63
Mr. Glenn M. Eddington, Jr. '49
Mr. T. Keen Edenfield, Jr. '61
Mr. E. Harold Edwards '33*
Dr. and Mrs. George B. Elder '65
Mrs. M. Craig Ferrell
Dr. M. Craig Ferrell*
Mrs. Barbara B. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. James E. French
Mr. Tom A. Fuqua, Jr. '58
Ms. Lynn Garrett
Dr. William J. Garrett '52*
Mr. Dennis Gibson
Mr. Charles C. Gilbert, III '63*
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gillespie '59
Mrs. Elva Farish Givens*
Mr. James T. Granbery, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Gregg '90 (Emily '97)
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Griffeth
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hall
Dr. and Mrs. N. Donald Hasty '61
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Herrington
Mr. Joseph H. Holliday, Jr. '40*
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Hunt '59
Ms. Margaret Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Jewell, III '62
Mr. Gerald L. Johnson '49 *
Mrs. Gerald L. Johnson
Mr. John A. Jordan, Jr. '32*
Mrs. Hilda J. Kilgore*
Dr. John C. Leonard, Sr. '27*
Ms. Anne M. Locke '90
Mr. Paul D. Lunn '46*
Mr. Larry G. Manofsky '74
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McCracken '67
Miss Eleanor McFadden '20*
Mr. Theodore C. Mooney '55*
Mr. Robert N. Moore, Jr. '52
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Houston Moran '71
Ms. Ellen L. More '82
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Mott '72
Mr. Paul B. Ogilvie '39*
Mr. G. Glenn Osborne, Jr. '68
Mrs. Mabel Smith Oviatt '22*
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Peercy '69
Mr. M. Andrew Peercy '94
Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Pilkerton, Jr. '55
Mrs. Estelle Pinkerton*
Mr. William L. Reese*
Mr. Tandy C. Rice, Jr.*
Mrs. Bonnie Richardson
Mr. David Richmond*
Mrs. David Richmond
Mr. Tom M. Robinson, III '49
Mrs. A. Battle Rodes*
Mr. Allan Battle Rodes '19*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Rodgers '66
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Schultenover
Mr. Duke A. Shackelford '62
Mr. Hal Z. Smith '58
Mr. Ralph Spangler, Jr. '45*
Mr. Thomas R. Steele '72
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Stumb, Jr '57
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Sullivan
Mr. N. Brad Thomason '71
Mr. James R. Tully, III
Mr. & Mrs. Newton Y. Walker, Jr. '42
Mr. Charles H. Warfield
Mr. George W. White '49
Mr. J. Grover Wilson '63
Ms. Margaret A. Peercy Wilson '99
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Wood '54

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