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The Everbright Society was established to honor and recognize those individuals who have generously included Battle Ground Academy in their estate plans.  Gifts of this type are generally directed towards endowment and last in perpetuity, benefiting present and future generations of BGA students.  This legacy society takes its name from the Everbright Mansion, which served as a temporary school building in the early 1900s. 

Becoming a Member
Battle Ground Academy’s Everbright Society offers you a way to create a permanent legacy to benefit BGA, both today and in the future. You may make gifts or a bequest of any size to support the school. These planned gifts can also provide you with important tax savings and other benefits to your estate and family.

Any planned gift qualifies you for membership. 

Benefits of Membership 
• Members of the Society will be recognized through periodic events held in their honor. 
• Members of the Society will be recognized in the School’s Honor Roll of Donors.
• Members will receive BGA publications and program notifications. 
• The Development Staff is available to Society members and their financial advisors to discuss estate and gift planning questions and concerns. 

Why Donors Choose The Everbright Society
Your planned gift can meet present and future needs for you, your family and Battle Ground Academy.

Tax Benefits
There are numerous advantages to making a planned gift. We recommend you speak to your financial advisor before making a gift. 

Your gift can provide continuing support to BGA for years to come in order that future generations of students may be nourished by their own BGA experiences.

Designing your Legacy

With careful planning, one often can make a much more substantial gift than previously imagined.  There are a number of ways to approach planned giving, each providing a distinctive means of shaping a gift.  Remembering BGA in your will is a generous act that can be done by anyone of any age and any income level.

The donor makes a provision in his or her will for a gift to BGA. This is the vehicle most commonly used to make a planned gift. Possible benefits include estate tax savings. 

Charitable Lead Trust
The donor establishes a trust to provide BGA with income for a number of years. The remainder is distributed to the donor’s children, grandchildren, or others. Possible benefits include transfer of assets to children and grandchildren with little or no estate/gift taxes payable. 

Charitable Remainder Trust
The donor establishes a trust for the ultimate benefit of Battle Ground Academy, while retaining income generated by the assets given. Such gifts include annuity trusts and unitrusts. Possible benefits include income tax savings, capital gains avoidance, increased income, provision for spouse or heirs, and/or tax-free income. 

Charitable Gift Annuity
The donor makes a gift of $5,000 or more to BGA in return for a fixed amount of annual income. The donor can start receiving the income immediately or defer it until the time of retirement. Possible benefits include income tax savings, capital gains avoidance, increased current income or income for retirement, provision for spouse or heirs, and/or tax-free income. 

Life Insurance
The donor names the school as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing policy. Possible benefits include income tax savings, estate tax advantages, and the creation of a significant permanent fund at a low annual cost.

History of Everbright

For over a century, the magnificent columns of Everbright mansion cast their long shadows across the bluff overlooking Carters Creek Pike. Facing Columbia Avenue, the home was nestled among spreading lawns, orchards, and fields within a mile of the Franklin town square.

Everbright was built by John D. Bennett between 1838 and 1840 and later became the home of Richard and Rebecca Cannon Bostick. Rebecca named the home Everbright because its windows were always aglow in the evening with candlelight and the soft glow of many lamps.

During the Battle of Franklin, the fighting was at its very doorsteps, and as late as 1912, mini-balls could be picked up by the handful in the yard of the home.

In the early 1900s, Battle Ground Academy students boarded at the mansion. Some students used the Everbright barn to stable their horses while they attended classes at BGA.

Twice in the early part of the 20th century, Everbright played an even more significant role in the history of BGA. In both instances, the school had suffered a fire and The Everbright home provided a venue for the continuance of classes, allowing the school to continue while its primary facilities were rebuilt.

It is thus fitting that the Everbright name should be chosen to represent a program whose purpose is to help ensure the long-term and well-being of BGA.

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