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Battle Ground Academy’s endowment is made up of restricted and unrestricted funds that pay out a small portion of earnings each year as appropriate to the school’s operations and programs. Growth of the school’s endowment, through donations and investments, is critical to the continued success and long-term financial health of BGA. A significant and growing endowment provides the school with annual income while also providing stability during various economic cycles.

Named Endowment Funds and Awards

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Funds In Support of Student Financial Aid 

    Jenny Ruth Corn Financial Aid Trust Fund 
    Established through a bequest by Jenny Ruth Corn. Ms. Corn established this fund to “provide financial aid to deserving students.”

    Virginia O. Claybrooke Trust Fund 
    Established through a bequest by Virginia O. Claybrooke. Proceeds are to be used as tuition assistance for deserving BGA students. 

    Battle Rodes 1919 Financial Aid Fund 
    Established through a bequest by Battle Rodes, a former student from the Class of 1919 and a Board of Trustee Member. Income from Fund to be used for tuition assistance for Williamson County students. 

    BGA Alumni Financial Aid Fund 
    Established in 1995 by the Alumni Association to provide financial aid for deserving students who are alumni legacies. 

    Joe Pinkerton 1929 Financial Aid Fund 
    Established in 1975 by family and friends in memory of Joe Pinkerton, Class of 1929. Mr. Pinkerton served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for many years and served the Williamson County banking community for many years. Annual financial aid is to be awarded to students who exemplify the high standards of character and service modeled by Mr. Pinkerton. 

    James A. Britt 1926 Memorial Fund 
    Established in 1997 from the estate of James A. Britt, Class of 1926. Proceeds are to be used as tuition assistance for deserving BGA students. 

    Dr. Felix A. Fly 1968 Financial Aid Fund 
    Established in 1992 by family, classmates, and friends. Dr. Fly served as Student Body President and was acknowledged by his peers for his compassion and concern for others. Dr. Fly died in 1991. The fund provides financial aid for deserving students at Battle Ground Academy. 

    William H. Smith 1971 Memorial Scholarship Fund 
    Established in 1998 by classmates, friends and family. As an endowed fund, this permanent resource will provide annual financial aid to students who represent the high personal standards and focus on personal achievement exemplified by Bill Smith, Class of 1971. 

    James H. Akin 1938 Financial Aid Fund 
    Established in 1999 by the James H. Akin family to honor James H. Akin, Class of 1938, and to remember with gratitude the impact Headmaster George H. Briggs and the BGA faculty had on Jimmy Akin’s life. Mr. Akin is the second of four generations that have attended BGA. He is a native of Williamson County. This fund will provide financial aid to deserving students. 

    Jennie Fleming Mizell 1921 Financial Aid Fund 
    Mickie Fleming Farrar 1923 Financial Aid Fund 
    Samuel Milton Fleming 1924 Financial Aid Fund 
    The Fleming Scholar Program was set up by members of the Fleming family to memorialize Jennie Fleming Mizell, Class of 1921; Mickie Fleming Farrar, Class of 1923; and Samuel Milton Fleming, Class of 1924. For a student to be named a Fleming Scholar, he/she must live in Williamson County, be a conscientious and successful academic student, while maintaining the highest standard of honor and integrity. 

    C.K. McLemore 1939 Memorial Scholarship Fund 
    This fund was established in April 2004 by William R. “Pete” Mefford, BGA Class of 1958 and his wife, Lyn, and is named for Mr. Mefford’s uncle, Clairborne Kinnard (C.K.) McLemore, Class of 1939. This scholarship is awarded to a deserving student who demonstrates an excellent academic record and strong citizenship. C.K. cared greatly for his family, but he also had high expectations of them. He delighted in helping others but often did so anonymously and with little fanfare. It was his generosity that both inspired and allowed for the provision of this scholarship. It is the hope that one day the recipients of this scholarship will have the opportunity to pass that generosity on. 

    Marylou Brown Scholarship Fund 
    This fund is in memory of Marylou Brown, an administrative assistant in the middle school, who passed away in the spring of 2005. Mrs. Brown brought enthusiasm with her smile to anyone visiting the office. The family has established a scholarship in her memory to benefit a middle school faculty or staff child. The scholarship will be made available during the child’s tenure in the middle school. The student selected will embody similar qualities to those of Mrs. Brown. 

    The Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund 
    This fund was established in January 2006 by an anonymous member of the Class of 1975 to provide scholarship funds for worthy students. 

    The Michael I. Mott 1967 Scholarship Fund 
    This fund was in established in November 2005 following Mike’s death. The scholarship is awarded to a deserving student who demonstrates the principles by which Mike Mott lived. These are the same principles which guide all students at BGA: character, scholarship, and excellence. Mike Mott was a member of the Class of 1967. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and the University of Southern California. He retired from the Marine Corps in 1991 having served twenty years and reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Following his career in the Marine Corps, Mike served as Deputy Administrator of NASA. At the time of his death Mike was Vice President of NASA Systems for Boeing Aerospace and was responsible for the strategic direction of Boeing’s civil space programs. This fund was created by the Mott Family to honor his memory and to support the mission of Battle Ground Academy. 

    Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund 
    This fund was established in June 2006 by the class of 1958 to celebrate their 50th reunion and to challenge future 50 year classes to establish endowed funds. 

    Joan and John Moran Endowed Scholarship Fund 
    This fund was established to honor Joan and John Moran. It will provide scholarship opportunities for students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience the kind of great college preparatory program provided at BGA, and to extol the virtues of character, integrity, and loyalty lived by the Morans. 

    Arvilla R. House / Jewell Family Scholarship Fund 
    This fund was established in the fall of 2007 by the Jewell family in memory of Ms. Arvilla R. House and the ideals of character and kindness which she exhibited to all.

    Charles C. Fowler, Jr. ‘62 Scholarship Fund
    In lasting remembrance of Charlie Fowler ‘62, his family created the above scholarship with a gift to the school’s endowment.  The Fowler Scholarship Fund will provide need-based financial aid to an Upper School student who is in good academic standing and a member of the football team.  The Fowler family created the scholarship to honor Charlie, Coach Ralph Brown ‘49, and the 1960 state championship team.
  • Q: Funds in Support of Faculty

    James B. Akin 1926 Endowment Fund 
    Established in 1975 by family, friends and former students for faculty professional enrichment. A 1926 graduate of BGA, Mr. Akin exemplified high character, profound honesty and respect. He served on the BGA faculty for 32 years and coached all the sports at BGA for several years. He taught Chemistry and Bible. His leadership at BGA will serve as a legacy for all to follow. 

    Lucas G. Boyd Faculty Development Fund 
    Established in 1998 by faculty, students and friends to honor a man whose life has stood for excellence in teaching. Dr. Lucas G. Boyd served as Head of Upper School for 18 years. Incomes from this fund are to be used to perpetuate a great teaching tradition at BGA by supporting faculty professional development programs. 

    William A. S. Camstra 1951 Fund 
    Endowed Fund established by William Camstra in April 1999 with the stipulation that this fund be used for faculty support. Mr. Camstra graduated from BGA in 1951 and later served as Vice Chairman of the Kellogg Corporation in Battle Creek, Michigan. He now resides in The Woodlands, Texas. 

    Robin S. Courtney Faculty Endowment Memorial Fund 
    The Dr. H. Pitts Hinson Family established this Fund in memory of Mr. Courtney in 2000. Mr. Courtney graduated from BGA in 1946 and was an outstanding attorney in Columbia, TN. Income from the Fund will be used to perpetuate the outstanding teachers at BGA. 

    Faculty Endowment Fund 
    The Faculty Endowment Fund was established in the year 2000. This Fund is dedicated to the luminaries of the past and to those teachers who demonstrate their talents in today’s classrooms. 

    James E. French Faculty Endowment Fund 
    This fund was established in 2000 to honor Jimmy French upon his retirement as Director of Development at BGA. Mr. French served as a teacher and coach at BGA from 1959-1964 and as Director of Development from 1992-2000. 

    W. Paul Redick Faculty Endowment Fund 
    The W. Paul Redick Faculty Endowment Fund was established in 2000 by the Henry H. Chase, Jr. family. Mr. Chase graduated from BGA in 1957 and resides in Huntsville, AL. Mr. Redick was Headmaster of BGA from 1950 to 1968 and his career as an administrator, educator, and mentor of students spans several decades.

  • Q: Funds for Awards

    F.A. O’Daniel Technology Fund 
    Established in 1996 by Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Cantrell, in memory of Mrs. Cantrell’s father. This fund underwrites some of the cost for technology at BGA. 

    Oviatt Foreign Language Fund 
    Established through a bequest from the estate of Ms. Mabel Smith Oviatt, Class of 1922. This fund is to be used to enhance the studies in the Foreign Language departments. 

    Malcolm M. Gibbs 1923 Museum Fund 
    Endowed Fund to be used for care of the Malcolm Gibbs Museum in the historic Glen Echo home. Established in April 1999, by Malcolm M. Gibbs, Class of 1923, in memory of his two brothers, William M. Gibbs, Class of 1918 and Kennedy M. Gibbs, Class of 1925.
    Robin Leigh Altshuler Achievement Award
    Established in 2007, the Robin Leigh Altshuler Award is presented each year in memory of Mrs. Altshuler, a loving BGA mother dedicated to helping others and a supporter of Battle Ground Academy. The award is presented annually to a graduating senior who exemplifies a spirit of unconditional service to others and the community. This award recognizes the student who naturally serves others.

  • Q: Unrestricted Funds

    William L. Reese Memorial Fund 
    Established in 1995 from the estate of William L. Reese. There are no restrictions on this fund. 

    John A. Jordan, Jr. 1932 Memorial Trust Fund 
    Established in 1994 from the estate of John Jordan, Class of 1932. There are no restrictions on this fund. 

    Gerard MacDonald Memorial Endowment Fund 
    Established in 1999 by John Phipps, Jr., Class of 1971, in memory of his classmate. There are no restrictions on this fund.

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