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The Glen Echo Campus

In addition to the impact the Center for Arts and Entrepreneurship will have on the Performing Arts and Entrepreneurial Leadership programs, the new facility will significantly affect the daily life of students and teachers on this campus.  Moving the theatre from the Harlin Student Center will allow for renovations to the kitchen and eating areas, increasing space and enhancing the dining experience for all Middle and Upper school students. Spaces currently occupied by the EL Program in the Middle School Academic Building will be returned to the Middle School program and allow the school to use the Middle School Academic and Administration buildings more effectively.

At least twice a week in the morning, the Harlin Student Center is transformed from an auditorium and Upper School assembly space to a dining hall for our Middle School and then Upper School students.  Immediately following lunch, the room is transformed back to an auditorium.  In addition to the wear and tear on the furniture, Facilities staff members are called upon to transform the room.  A dedicated auditorium in the Center for Arts and Entrepreneurship and a more formal dining hall experience for our students will greatly enhance daily student life on the Glen Echo campus, while reducing furniture replacement costs and allowing the Facilities staff to spend time on other areas of campus. New community space in the Center for Arts and Entrepreneurship and a renovated dining hall will help foster the values and life skills BGA aims to teach its students.

Harlin Auditorium

Harlin During Assembly

Harlin Dining Hall

Harlin During Lunch

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