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Extended Care

Battle Ground Academy offers a comprehensive afternoon extended care program designed to provide a safe, engaging environment for pre-K4 through eighth grade students after school hours. The program features a variety of activities, including homework assistance (if applicable), arts and crafts, and recreational play, all supervised by experienced staff. Priority enrollment is given to children with working parents, ensuring that families with the greatest need for after-school support receive it. This program aims to support both the academic and personal growth of each child, offering peace of mind for busy parents.

Please complete the form below to indicate your student's extended care needs.

Extended Care Contract

Parents have until August 15, 2024, to change the number of days or cancel this contract. After that date, Extended Care payments are non-refundable. By signing the contract below, I understand that my obligation to pay the fees for the full academic year is unconditional and that no portion of such fees paid or outstanding will be refunded or canceled notwithstanding the subsequent absence, withdrawal or dismissal from the school of the student. 

Extended Care Rates

All extended care fees are billed via FACTS.

Early Learning Center:

One day per week: $525/yr.

Two days per week: $975/yr.

Three days per week: $1,350/yr.

Four days per week: $1,725/yr.

Five days per week: $2,500/yr.

Lower & Middle School

One day per week: $760/yr.

Two days per week: $1,415/yr.

Three days per week: $1,950/yr.

Four days per week: $2,520/yr.

Five days per week: $3,000/yr.

Pickup, Drop-in Care, and Closings

Pickup: Children must be picked up no later than 5:45 p.m. Failure to do so will result in a late charge of $1 per minute per child (billed and payable through FACTS) and may result in termination of this contract if habitual.

Children will not be permitted to leave Extended Care without a parent/guardian to sign them out and must be checked out by an Extended Care staff member first. This is for the safety of your child. Please make sure you provide the front office with all emergency information. Extended Care uses the same information as given to the front office, so please update it accordingly for your child's safety. 

Drop-in Care: Drop-in care is available on an emergency only basis and is reserved for parents at a rate of $20/hour per child. This fee is not prorated and will be billed through FACTS.

Closings: Extended Care is closed on half days, early dismissal days, conference days, snow days, and all school holidays and breaks.