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A Sense of Belonging

BGA’s Advisory program in our Middle and Upper School creates a sense of belonging for each student through meetings, thoughtful play, and friendly conversation. Advisors serve as a resource for students and families, and they are the primary point of contact between the school and the student’s family. The school aims to have students feel connected to their advisory, to care about others in the group, and to see the advisor as a helpful adult whom they can trust and approach with questions at any time during the school year. 

At BGA, advisors are designated by grade levels and are responsible for monitoring the academic experience and personal growth of students for the year they are paired together. Advisory groups of approximately ten to twelve students meet once a week during community time.

Advisors’ Responsibilities 

  • Modeling behavior.
  • Engaging students during advisory through empathy, listening, acceptance, and fun group activities.
  • Monitoring academic progress (attendance, grades, testing, and teacher evaluations).
  • Encouraging participation in school teams, clubs, and activities.
  • Leading students in community service activities.
  • Communicating with teachers, coaches, and administrators to meet students’ needs.
  • Communicating progress and concerns to parents via phone, email, and conferences.
  • Helping identify, develop, and encourage each student’s strengths.
The Social Institute Logo

As part of our commitment to student wellness, Battle Ground Academy has partnered with The Social Institute to support our families and help our students navigate challenges related to social-emotional health, social media, and technology. 

As part of advisory, BGA students participate in TSI’s #WinAtSocial gamified curriculum that empowers students to navigate social media and technology in positive, high character ways while providing resources that empower parents through best practices, insights, and trends, helping them reinforce with their child key takeaways in the curriculum.