BGA Closed for Thanksgiving


BGA Closed for Thanksgiving

The faculty and staff of Battle Ground Academy want to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. We also want to remind everyone that the school offices will be closed November 17 through November 25 for the holiday. We will resume normal school hours on Monday, November 26. 
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Character. Scholarship. Excellence.

The BGA Way

Character is one of our three core values, and nurturing character in our students is a key part of our mission. The BGA Way is our approach to character education. Respect, compassion, accountability, and resilience constitute the foundations of character in the BGA Way. These traits are the foundations of our character education programming across divisions. Each quarter, one character trait becomes the lens through which we view various topics relevant to student life. From classroom curriculum and parent programming to athletics, clubs, and leadership, the BGA Way is woven through all aspects of the BGA experience.

Foundations of Character:
Respect:  Open-mind, Honor, Cooperation, Diversity, Courtesy
Compassion:  Empathy, Gratitude, Humility, Kindness, Service
Accountability:  Integrity, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Mindfulness
Resilience:  Courage, Perseverance, Resourcefulness, Risk, Boldness

Primary Focus in Each Division

In the Lower School, we establish the foundation of character by teaching and practicing the BGA Way traits:  Identify, illustrate, recognize, practice
Middle School builds upon the foundation of the BGA Way through a deeper understanding and application of the concepts:  Compare, relate, interpret, infer
Upper School students expand and exemplify the traits in their daily life through mentoring opportunities and leadership of self and others:  Construct, assess, investigate, critique, impart, design, analyze, create, apply, synthesize

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