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Greers Win the 81st BGA Tug

The Greers won the 81st BGA Tug this afternoon across the Harpeth River. It was one of the longest Tugs in years -- lasting just over three minutes  -- before the Greers ultimately prevailed. The Platos lead the all-time Tug record with 41 wins. The Greers have now won 38 times and there are two ties (both happened when the rope broke).

With more than 350 students involved, BGA’s annual tug-of-war is one of the largest and oldest tug-of-war competitions in the United States.  The 2019 tug saw perfect weather and plenty of Greer and Plato spirit on both sides of the river. 

For the full video of the Tug, please visit the BGA Facebook page.

Congratulations to the Greers!

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