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Cum Laude Society Welcomes Newest Members

Congratulations to the 2019 junior and senior inductees to the Cum Laude Society. Membership to Cum Laude is one of Battle Ground Academy’s highest honors for academic excellence and scholarship. Members are selected by BGA’s Cum Laude Society Faculty Council. These new members embody the high ideals of Excellence, Justice, and Honor.

Class of 2019 Inductees:
Laura Abbott
Max Byram
Nolan Davidson
Jenna Diab
Nate LaRock
Graham Meyer
Jessica Wang

Class of 2020 Inductees:
Bailey Anderson
Micah Ball
Justin Chen
Cole Dennis
Katelyn Helberg
Sophia Valenti
Jackson Weber
Evelyn Zhu

Seniors Inducted in 2018:
Annie Arvizu
Abigail Baur
Christina Conrady
Fletcher Daniel
Caleb Fleming
Ian Gray
Kristin Hulsey
Reed Locke
Ridley Randolph

Faculty Membership:
Ray Blair
Dawson Gray - Secretary
Jamie Griffin
Will Kesler - President
Carla McDaniel
George Rietz
Anne Snider
Mark Seyfred

BGA’s chapter of the Cum Laude Society was formed in 2009. During the selection of new members, the committee looks for students who not only have an outstanding academic record but who also exhibit the quality of pursuing knowledge for its own reward. The committee also seeks students of good character, honor, and integrity in all aspects of their school life.

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