BGA Closed for Good Friday


BGA Closed for Good Friday

Battle Ground Academy is closed Friday, April 19, in observance of Good Friday.  The offices will reopen and classes resume Monday, April 22.
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15 History Day Projects Advance to Regional Competition

History students in the Upper School recently created projects for BGA's third annual National History Day contest.  For the Honors World History (10th grade) and United States History students (11th grade), this represents the culmination of months of work and research and an opportunity to present that effort to an authentic audience. The theme for 2019 was “Triumph and Tragedy in History.” 

Each entry was presented before a panel of judges comprised of students, teachers, staff, and BGA community members with prizes awarded at the end of the evening.  All first and second place finishers have been invited to advance to the Tennessee Middle Regional Contest at MTSU on February 22.

Individual Performance
  • 1st Place:  Anna Baker '20 - So Called Triumph On State to Tragedy in Life
Individual Documentary
  • 1st Place:  Alex Wassan '20 - A New Kind of Act:  The Tragically Funny Woman Who Triumphed in American Comedy
  • 2nd Place:  Sam Hopkins '20 - Explorer 1
  • Honorable Mention:  Devin Hoke '20 - The Panama Canal:  An American Triumph and Tragedy
  • 1st Place:  Cole Dennis '20 - Where Challenges Live, but Leaders Thrive: The Triumphant Story of Alvin C. York
  • 2nd Place: Maria Sebastian '20 - Triumphant Tragedy: The Impacts of William Henry Harrison
  • Honorable Mention:  Scout Speer '20 -  Fight for the Right
Group Website
  • 1st Place:  Ben Boger 21, Iris Holt '21, and Shea Kelly '21- Hiroshima:  The Violent Peacemaker
Individual Websites
  • 1st Place:  Amelia Reiss '20 - Tragedy of Smallpox
  • Honorable Mention and invited to the regional competition:  Ethan Awalt '20Theodore Roosevelt and the Effort to Reform College Football
    Group Exhibit
  • 1st Place:  Emma Cloud '21, Paige LaRock '21, and Mason Robb '21 - Liberation Was Only for Others: The False Triumph and Hidden Tragedy of Postwar West Germany's Persecution of Gay Men
  • 2nd Place:  Mary Kathryn Walt '21, Ching Ching Zhang '21, and Julianna Mills '21 - Erasing Memories and Repairing the Past
  • Honorable Mention and invited to the regional competition:  Beth Fleming '21, Lily Joyce '21, and Butch Samide '21 - Unit 731: The Asian Auschwitz (invited to advance to regional competition)
Individual Exhibit
  • 1st Place:  Betty Gong '20 - All Aboard from Asia to America, Chinese Immigrants and the First Transcontinental Railroad
  • 2nd Place:  Lily Awalt '20 - The Development of Anesthesia and How It Changed the Medical World
  • Honorable Mentions:  Liam Krebs '20 - Antietam, the Bloody Struggle that Changes the Civil War; George Gatterer '20 - Battle of the Gunboats: The Triumph and Tragedy of the First Barbary War (advancing to the regional competition); and Whit Bankemper '20 - The Defense of Bastogne (advancing to the regional competition)

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