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Two Students Receive 4th Quarter Mary Campbell Easel Award

The BGA Visual Arts Department is pleased to honor Charlotte Regul '19 and Andy Cheng ‘18 with the 2017-2018 3rd and 4th Quarter Mary Campbell Easel Awards, respectively.  

Charlotte was inspired by an antique hay wheel that hangs in her kitchen.  The wheel was used in barns, like a trolley, to move large unwieldy bales of hay from where they are stored. Though not her accustomed medium, she decided to use acrylic paint to show the variety of textures in the rusted metal as well as in the fibers of the rope, and she spent time studying and layering the shadows that help to frame the piece in the foreground.  This piece shows a sophistication in her ability to see value and color as well as execute it on canvas.

Andy's series is based on places that have meaning to him, and that he expects to change in the future. He used charcoal, a very temporary and changeable medium, to create the little worlds that he knows will never be the same after he leaves them.  He notices small, complex places that could easily be overlooked and uses different times of day, with the accompanying changes in light, to illustrate his ideas. His ability to render these places shows sensitivity in their execution, a strong knowledge of value and a convincing eye for composition.

About the Mary Campbell Easel Award: Along with the gift of the Mary Campbell Visual Arts Center, Battle Ground Academy’s art department was also fortunate to receive several pieces of furniture and equipment from Mary Campbell’s studio. One of these was her easel. To honor Mary’s memory, it was decided that every quarter, the Visual Arts teachers would review the work of current students and choose a piece of art they feel exemplifies the qualities BGA students strive to achieve: creativity, effort, and quality. The chosen piece receives the Mary Campbell Easel Award and is displayed for the duration of the next quarter.

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