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Thanks to the 231 donors who contributed $135,646, and the faculty (current and past), alumni, parents, and students who participated in our videos, BGA's first Founders Day of Giving was a tremendous success. We are so grateful for the generosity of the BGA community and the commitment to the success of our students and teachers as demonstrated by the gifts and pledges we received.

We met the 1-0-5 match challenge and ran out of t-shirts! But don't worry, we are gladly ordering more of the sizes we need. Lower School parents, t-shirts will be sent home with children beginning Monday, October 11. Middle and Upper School parents, please have your child come to Becky Rigel's office in the Glen Echo house next week (October 11-13). And for alumni, grandparents, and friends, we'll mail you your t-shirts.


Thank You to Our Founders Day Donors

Janice and Tommy Bragg '57

John Spann IV

Kristin and Frank Burden

Heather and Matt Adams

Julie-Karel Elkin '87 and Michael Wadkins

Wren and Travis Anderson

Candace and Chuck Kirkpatrick

Kathleen and Michael McClellan

Lauren Self and Kris  Evans

Cristin and Joey Minge

Christina Spain '00 and Dustin Spain '00

Elizabeth Bried

Jean Simmons Griffin and Paul Griffin

Jennifer and John Roh

Jacklyn Abernathy '15

Kat McElroy '97

Whitney and Eric McElroy '00

Stephen E. Lewis

Cynthia Kinser

Lisa Miller

Gretchen Fan and David Zhang

Shirley and John Gillespie '59

Rebekah and Curtis Fisher

David Wood '54

Michelle Arnold

Mary and Colin Looney

Chelsey Shearer

Tracy and Eric Aiken

J. Michael Gill

Jane and Mark Craig '77

Elizabeth and James Markham

Kimberly and Ray Sanduski

Sandra and Stephen Douglass

Meredith McKellar

Jennifer and Curtis Besco

Melinda and Dan Brodbeck

David Hanchrow

Erika and Justin Hamilton

Lori Herman Coxhead '82 and William Coxhead

Melitza and Armando Estrada

Jill and Lewis Whitfield

Rachael Cunningham Shipley '11 and Wes Shipley

Candy and Lawrence Sullivan

Susan and Jim Craig

Catherine and Rich Winstead

Rebecca Cunningham '07

Susan and Kent O'Hara

Meredith Braun '11

Brenda and Ron Medlin

Kali and Trey Cain

Dorothy and Brandon Davis

Rondal Richardson '87

Vanessa and Andrew McDaniel

Amy and Jason Franklin

Nicole and Don Slaughter

Diane and Russell Little '68

Marielle and Matt Westerman

Stacy and Ken Coleman

Torin and Lonsdale Koester '96

Michelle and Mark Chesnut

Dana Fields and Brian Gotval

Lyndell Goddard

Emmy Peterson '24

Aidee Molinar and Ivan Trevino

Becky Jones

Gayle and Mark Wright

Riley Knight '87

Aimee and Michael Sizemore

Cindy and John Herald

Samantha and Chris Snyder

Holly and Brian Irvin

Kerrie and John T. Johnson '81

Tracy O'Brien and Michael Grier

Juliet Moore

Jaclyn and Bruce Tarkington

Cat Aquino '05 and Enzo Aquino

Sam Moran '04

Stevie Giorno '18

James Jewell '21

Angela and Todd Carlig

James Hays Craig '24

Hallie Heiter

Holly and Carl Bush

Jenna and Gil Beverly

Patricia and Scot Karr '76

Jana Roberts '94 and Jimmy Roberts

Michelle and William Reid

Patricia and Mark Boudreau

Cristin and Chris Roark

Melissa and Tony Ippolito

Betsy and Tim Adgent

Danielle and Clayton Stevens

Martha and Frank Witherspoon '67

Margaret Behm and Harlan Dodson III '62

Lara and Ryan Markel

Bari and Cory Beasley

Jackie and Paul LaRock

Jennifer and Nick McCall '79

Anissa Nelson Carlisle and Charlie Carlisle

Amanda and Jim Wright '90

Jamie and Mark Petty

Heather and Alex Angola

Emily and Brian Krebs

AnnaMary Richmond Cerasuolo '07 and Brad Cerasuolo '06

Jennifer and Scott Jones

Briana and Joe Montminy

Jennifer Giannotti

Sandra Crowe and Tony Pile

Jeannie Carpenter '97

Elizabeth Curtis '85 and Ross Curtis

Ken Cline '56

Legare Davis Vest '85 and Hank Vest

Robin and Joey Wollas '95

Stacie and Matt Wallin '90

Lucy Evans '18

Sally and Danny Rodgers '66

Merylin and Brian Drinkard

Gaye Morgan

Jody and Thomas Harney

Abby Kropp

Miranda and Dustin Burnett

Michelle and Mike Keith '86

Richard and Nichole Guerrini

Pam Austin

Shea Wood Turner '00 and Michael Turner

Stacey and Brian Freeman

Dorrie and Frank Strausser

Carol Hodrick

Janet and Dick Krebs

Brindy and Frank Miller

Amy and Daniel Gardner

Meagan and Matthew Glover

Sheila and Patrick Snead

Leigh and John Vardaman

Bryana Franks

Megan and Rob Pinson

Lacey and Shawn Horwity

Jennifer Proko

Cara and Conrad Deese

Barbara and James Turner

Kimberly and Stefan Conrady

Kathy and Len Tropea

Lea and Andrew Larsen

Madeline Crosby Jewell '87 and James Jewell Jr. '86

Fran and Jason McConnell

Evans Smith '01

Linda Caudill

Sue and Larry Kain '66

Kirra and Tyler Pugh

Jackie and Andrew Phelps

Austin Phelps '26

Laurel Phelps '24

Lindsay Phelps '22

Jamie and Wally Montgomery

Jeanne Brooks

Missy and Jim Brower

Suzannah and Sterling Smith '84

Kirk McCaleb

Jane and Art Herron

Ellen Smith

Brenda and David Hall

Rhonda Bennett

Audrey and Josh Stalets

Kelly and Jonathan Young

Christy and Kevin Wampler

Sareya and Scott Kidd

Amanda and Shaun Dickert

Cristina and Patrick Min

Elizabeth Brooks and Gary Vogel

Emily and Michael Taylor

Mandy and Chris Genovese

Pam and Bill Booher '67

Robin and Gerry Goertz

Cadi Kadlecek and Kristofer Kracht

Annie Peterson '30

David Peterson '27

Linda and John Burch

Rhoda and Kurt Steward

Leyla Rodina and Sandeep Chauhan

Robin and Daniel Schwartz

Sadie and Eric Holden

Leann and Ryan Durr

Valierie Gamble

Julia Moore

Elizabeth and Robert Davignon

Lyn and Chris Knopf

Nancy and Mike Cunningham

Madeline Heaner

Ridley Campbell '60

Deborah and Robert Werrbach

Brian Poag '88

Kimberly Windham

Mary Lee Johnson

Brenda and Douglas Hale

Lindsey Anderson Tipton '13

Jaede Ohlrich

Melissa and James Koppel

Molly and Jeffery Brown

Michelle and Tommy Bertorello

Tammy and James Woods

Lynlee and Lee Kennedy

Bryan Foster

Karen and Eric de Jong

Lisa and James Skinner '80

Renee and Scott Fitzgerald

Shelley and David Matthews

Heather and Andrew Brousseau

Nathan Mertz '96

Barbara and Terry Ray

Beth and Brian Tallent

Becky and Ryan Rigel

Christine and Curt Arnold

Gena and John Moran III '96

Cheryl and Zoltan Kovacs

Whitney and Loren Watson

Helen and James Brown

Mary and Mark Eid

Emily and Tom Evans

Janene and Steven Pierce

Mary Blake Ray '97 and David Ray

Alejandra Cintora Gonzalez and Saul Quintanilla Figueroa

Jan and Michael Kephart

Andrea Munoz and Firas Noueihed

Wes Johnson '10

Megan and Rob Horrar

Martrise Hastings

Stephanie and Sean Brasili

Andrea and Matt Joki

Randy Rudolph '66

Harry Ford '67

Founders Day Messages

A Founders Day Thank You

Bill Armistead '69 and Eddie Roberts '69 discuss life when BGA was a boarding and day school.

BGA Founders Day: The BGA Fund and Athletics

BGA Founders Day: History Lesson

BGA Lower School: What is Founders Day?

BGA Founders Day of Giving: The Teachers' Perspective

BGA Founders Day of Giving with The McElroy Family

Founders Day T-Shirt

Donations to the BGA Fund on October 5 are receiving a limited edition Founders Day of Giving t-shirt! 

BGA Fund Giving Circles

Head of School's Circle


Wall-Mooney Circle


Fleming Circle


Greer-Plato Circle


1889 Circle


Quadrangle Circle


Tug Circle


Glen Echo Circle