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Long-Term Athletic Development Leads to Growth in Confidence

The philosophy of BGA's Wellness Program is to develop the student in a holistic manner, including mental, physical, and nutritional components. We encourage and show our students how to lead healthy lifestyles that focus on true well-being as they progress from adolescence to young adulthood.


The Jewell Athletic and Wellness Center (A&W) is a flagship facility that demonstrates BGA's commitment to the health and wellness of our students.  The A&W contains nearly 50,000 sq. ft. and has a state of the art weight room equipped with Hammer Strength equipment, a 40x40 turf field, as well as a 40-yard sprint track.  It sends a powerful message—to scholar-athletes, to prospective families, to coaches, to BGA alumni, and the surrounding community—that BGA is commited to transforming the overall student experience. The Jewell Athletic & Wellness Center benefits all students on the Glen Echo campus (grades 5-12), promoting their healthy growth at a critical time in their overall development.


The Upper School Wellness curriculum is tailored to fit the needs of the individual student. There at two tracks:  Life Time Wellness (LTW) and Athletic Based Training (ABT). Participation in a sport helps to determine the track of the student, but LTW students also have the option to participate in ABT training.  The curriculum at the Upper School is multi-faceted and includes:
  • Sport and Positive Psychology
  • Strength and Power Training
  • Speed Development
  • Athletic Body Control (Agility) Training
  • Neuromuscular and Quick Movement Training
  • Nutrition
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Postural Restoration
  • Periodization and Planning
  • Leadership and Character Development

Technology & Innovation

The Wellness program incorporates technology on a daily basis with the use of the Teambuilder app, which loads each student’s workout program is loaded directly onto their smart phones. We also use electronic measurement for all of our performance and power output testing. The program Dartfish is used provide detailed feedback and diagrams for correction of technique for the skill a student may perform.


Athletic Director Fred Eaves:  2014 Samson Equipment High School Strength Coach of the Year; 2015 NSCA National High School Strength Coach of the Year; NSCA Strength of America Award for excellence in high school strength and conditioning
Jewell Athletic & Wellness Center: Official Hammer Strength Training Facility

Meet the Team

List of 11 members.

  • Photo of Fred Eaves

    Fred Eaves 

    Director of Athletics & Wellness
    (615) 567-8482
  • Photo of Gary Beatty

    Gary Beatty 

    BGA Athletic Trainer
    (615) 567-8528
  • Photo of Hardie Buck

    Hardie Buck 

    Assistant Athletic Director, US Wellness, Equipment & Transportation, Varsity Football
    (615) 567-9024
  • Photo of Robert Jemison

    Robert Jemison 

    Assistant Athletic Director, MS Wellness, MS Football, MS/US Wrestling, US Track & Field
    (615) 567-8494
  • Photo of Molly Machleit

    Molly (Lane) Machleit 00

    Director of Cheerleading, US Wellness
  • Photo of Katherine Martin

    Kat Martin 

    US Wellness, Varsity Softball, MS Basketball
    (615) 567-8478
  • Photo of Jan Morrissey

    Jan (Browne) Morrissey 

    MS Wellness, US Girls Soccer, US Girls Basketball
    (615) 567-9020
  • Photo of Brian Sibenaller

    Brian Sibenaller 

    Assistant Athletic Director of Operations, US Wellness
    (615) 567-8371
  • Photo of Paul  Tusch

    Paul Tusch 

    LS Security Officer, US Football, US Wellness
  • Photo of Kevin Wells

    Kevin Wells 

    LS Wellness, Little Dribblers Coach, 5th Grade Football
    (615) 567-2011
  • Photo of Roydell Williams

    Roydell Williams 

    US Wellness, US Football, US Track & Field
    (615) 567-8371

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