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Our Mission

BGA's athletic program seeks to support the school's mission to ignite and nurture student curiosity, intellect, and character.  To achieve that end, the BGA athletic program centers on three primary goals:

                    1) To create a high level of competition and participation on the part of students
                    2) To encourage individual and team improvement
                    3) To teach core values as the centerpiece of the athletic experience:  H.E.A.R.T.
                                             a.  Hard Work         
                                             b.  Enthusiasm
                                             c.  Accountability
                                             d.  Resilience
                                             e.  Teamwork

BGA athletes and coaches should demonstrate at the highest levels of character while working incredibly hard to achieve success together.

BGA's Athletic Philosophy

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  • Middle and Upper School

    The Middle and Upper School philosophy for athletics at BGA is for each student athlete to develop improved health and physical fitness and desirable social values and attitudes. Character education is a cornerstone of our athletics program and good sportsmanship and competitiveness is expected of each athlete. Students are encouraged to participate in as many athletic activities as they desire and that are practical for both the student and the school.
  • Lower School

    The Lower School philosophy is for students to understand the importance of physical fitness through their participation in the Lower School Wellness Program and apply it to their daily life.  Outside of Lower School Wellness classes, there is also a basketball training league for Kindergarten through 4th graders. Students in 3rd and 4th grade may also participate in the Little Dribblers Exhibition Team where they learn dribbling skills that are choreographed through fun, musical basketball routines and showcased at several performances during the school year.  Students enter BGA's Middle School well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to participate in any sport they wish.

Sportsmanship at BGA

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  • Guidelines for Parents

    • Praise your student-athlete for being part of a BGA team
    • Try to learn the rules of the game
    • Show respect for the opposing teams: they are guests of BGA
    • Respect the judgment of game officials
    • Cheer for our BGA teams, not against our opponent
    • Trust and respect the jobs and decisions of BGA Coaches
    • Be a role model for your son or daughter: set the example
  • Guidelines for Student Body

    • Cheer for your BGA team, not against their opponents
    • Use wisdom and common sense in your cheers
    • Show our opposing teams and fans that BGA is all about sportsmanship: based on integrity and honor
    • School Spirit is a great thing: do it with CLASS!
  • Guidelines for Coaches

    • Treat each player with dignity and as an individual with feelings
    • Lead by example: fair play and sportsmanship start with you
    • Always treat the officials with respect and honor their decisions
    • The game is for the kids: NOT the adults
  • Guidelines for Student-Athletes

    • Encourage good sportsmanship from your teammates and parents
    • Treat your coaches with respect
    • Remember that participating in sports at BGA is an honor
    • Always be an ambassador for BGA on and off the field
    • Be a role model and positive person: a good sport
    • Integrity is the most important value of any sports program

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Fred Eaves

    Fred Eaves 

    Director of Athletics & Wellness
    (615) 567-8482
  • Photo of Hardie Buck

    Hardie Buck 

    Assistant Athletic Director, US Wellness, Equipment & Transportation, Varsity Football
    (615) 567-9024
  • Photo of Jonathan Hackett

    Jonathan Hackett 

    Entrepreneurial Leadership - Economics of Business & Microeconomics, Asst. Athletic Dir, US Baseball
    (615) 567-9007
  • Photo of Robert Jemison

    Robert Jemison 

    Assistant Athletic Director, MS Wellness, MS Football, MS/US Wrestling, US Track & Field
    (615) 567-8494
  • Photo of Robert Mitchell

    Rob Mitchell 90

    MS Athletic Director, 7th-8th Dean, MS History, Boys Soccer
    (615) 567-8520
  • Photo of Brian Sibenaller

    Brian Sibenaller 

    Assistant Athletic Director of Operations, US Wellness
    (615) 567-8371

Harpeth Campus

Glen Echo Campus

Phone Numbers

Main:  (615) 794-3501
Lower:  (615) 567-2002
Middle:  (615) 567-9013
Upper:  (615) 567-8513
Admissions:  (615) 567-8463
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