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The Thrilling Tale of the Three Musketeers

Battle Ground Academy’s Middle School Drama Department will be presenting "The Thrilling Tale of the Three Musketeers," at the school’s Sondra Morris and Robert N. Moore Jr. ‘52 Center for Arts and Entrepreneurship. Performances are set for ThursdayNovember 10, and Saturday, November 12, at 7 p.m.

In this brand new comedic take on a classic tale, Queen Anne has forced her son Fredrick to get married, but when the Duke of Buckingham and his two henchmen can't find a girl willing to marry Fredrick, the Duke forces his daughter to the altar. However, she is the love of D'Artagnan, the lowly royal tailor who longs to be a hero. It is up to D'Artagnan to find two others to help him stop the queen and free his love. Along with some crazy characters and a few outlandish commercial breaks, this show is a huge crowd-pleaser.