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Wellness Programs at Battle Ground Academy

The philosophy of BGA's Wellness Program is to develop the student in a holistic manner. The strength and conditioning and lifetime wellness portion of the program includes mental, physical, nutritional, and recovery components.

In a broader sense, the wellness program works in conjunction with BGA’s counseling department to foster social-emotional growth, stress management, and character development in support of the BGA Way. We encourage and show our students how to lead healthy lifestyles that focus on true well-being as they progress from adolescence to young adulthood

Mental Health & Wellness

BGA’s Counseling Department offers support and programs that enhance the overall health and wellness of our students and families through a focus on social and emotional learning. A school counselor is available to meet with students and parents throughout the school day. Students may seek to meet with the counselor on their own, or they may be referred to the counselor by a teacher or faculty member. The counselor may offer short-term or one-on-one guidance, or they may refer students to another professional outside of school. It is the goal of BGA’s counselors to provide a safe, confidential place for students and families, in addition to providing educational programs and wellness resources. 

Physical Wellness

Lower School

Our Lower School wellness classes combine motor skill development, body management, balance and flexibility, nutrition, and overall fitness in a holistic approach that benefits all students. Fundamental manipulative skills, such as throwing, catching, dribbling, and kicking, are incorporated into developmentally appropriate activities, and the values of teamwork and good sportsmanship are emphasized. Children learn the importance of physical fitness and wellness while engaging in healthy, physically active lifestyles.

Middle School

Middle School wellness classes encourage students to participate at each student’s greatest potentiation (effort) and maintain a positive attitude. Students explore multiple sports during class to expose them to different hand-eye and foot-eye coordination skills, gain an appreciation and understanding of teamwork, and to ignite the curiosity for future participation in our school athletics programs. Students also spend time obtaining a foundation of proper movement patterns through our body-weight and age-appropriate fitness model. While this program follows the Upper School model, we recognize the complexity of how different every middle school body is, so our program is adjusted to meet the age and/or ability level of each student.

Upper School 

Our Upper School offers multiple wellness paths. Our traditional wellness course is designed to instruct students in the proper use of free-weight exercises, exercise machines, and the muscles that are used while performing these exercises. The course also continues this teaching into the proper technique of non-weight and aerobic exercises and cardiovascular programs. Each week includes one day of instruction in topics covered in traditional health courses, such as nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, alcohol and other drugs, and sex education.

Additionally, Upper School students can access semester-long classes in Martial Arts and Self Defense or Fundamental Fitness. Our martial arts class is an introductory course, which is ideal for first-time martial arts students interested in learning about Isshinryu Karate and self-defense. Our fundamental fitness class is a year-long course that meets twice a week. Instruction targets almost every aspect of fitness including: functional movement technique, strength and mobility exercises, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, core, and agility. Along with the workout portion, there will be a basic nutritional component woven into the course.

Nutritional Wellness

As early as Lower School, our nutrition program teaches students proper eating habits and how to make good decisions when they are presented with choices.

Jewell Athletic and Wellness Center

Our Jewell Athletic and Wellness Center is a flagship facility that demonstrates BGA's commitment to the health and wellness of our students. The nearly 50,000 square foot facility has a Hammer Strength weight room, cardio equipment, a 40x40 turf field, and a 40-yard sprint track. The Jewell staff includes personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches who design student workouts based on one of two tracks: Lifetime Wellness or Athletic-based Training.

Wellness Program Contacts

Tatiana Alvarez

Tatiana Alvarez

MS Chorus, US Volleyball Head Coach
Trevor  Humes

Trevor Humes

Director of Wrestling, MS & US Wrestling Head Coach, MS & US Wellness
Victoria Hunt

Victoria Hunt

US Director of Female Strength & Conditioning
Jeffrey Jordan

Jeffrey Jordan

MS Wellness, MS 7th & 8th Grade Football Head Coach, MS 7th & 8th Grade Boys Basketball Head Coach
Molly Machleit

Molly Machleit

US Cheerleading Program Director, US Wellness
Jan Morrissey

Jan Morrissey

Assistant Athletic Director, MS Wellness, US Girls Soccer
Kevin Wells

Kevin Wells

LS Wellness, LS Little Dribblers Coach, MS 5th & 6th Grade Football Assistant Coach