Character. Scholarship. Excellence.
The Battle Ground Academy curriculum provides students with a variety of course offerings designed to develop their reasoning abilities, aesthetic sensibility, intellectual curiosity, and moral vision. Departmental requirements are designed not only to comply with all college entrance requirements but also to excite students about learning and broaden their approach to intellectual pursuits.
In order to graduate from BGA, a student must earn a passing grade in all courses earning 21 credits specified below in grades 9–12. Credits in English, Mathematics, History, Science and Foreign Language are considered Core Academic Credits. 

Core Academic Credit Requirements

1. English: 4 credits                                                           
2. Mathematics: 4 credits                                                          
3. History: 3.5 credits – Students will complete a 1/2 credit in Ancient History and full credits in World History, U.S. History and either 20th Century or AP Modern European.           
4. Science: 3 credits – Students will complete Conceptual Physics, Biology and Chemistry. 
5. Foreign Language: 2 successive credits in one language in the upper school (3 or more recommended). 
6. Fine Arts: 1 credit 
7. Wellness: 1 credit 
8. Speech and Leadership: ½ credit (if enrolled as a freshman at BGA)
9. Electives: 2 credits 
10.  Entrepreneurial Leadership Program: Students who earn 3 credits from courses in the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program and complete the senior capstone project will receive a certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership in addition to their BGA diploma.
The academic school year consists of two semesters with each semester consisting of two, 9-week quarters. The first semester begins in August and ends with semester exams given prior to the holiday break. The second semester begins in January and ends with semester exams and graduation in mid-May. Students are assisted each year in making their schedules by the Head of the Upper School, the College Counselor, the Dean of Students, and their Academic Advisor to ensure they are well prepared to meet their career goals after Battle Ground Academy.

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A co-educational, college preparatory school for K-12 students in Franklin, Tennessee.