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Middle School


The Middle School advisory program seeks to help every BGA student be a success, as defined by the school’s mission statement.  

The advisor is the nexus of the student’s success and helps the faculty, the family, and the student work together as a team. Every Middle School student has an advisor and a homeroom.  Advisories and homerooms are part of our Grade-Level Teams, and so students have a new advisor and homeroom each year as they move through the Middle School.  This allows each student to be known well each year by multiple adults--teachers, team leaders, coaches, and advisors--during the crucial adolescent years.

The advisor has 2 primary responsibilities:

  1. To support the student (academically, artistically, athletically, socially, etc.)
  2. To advocate for the student (his or her needs and interests)

Ways the Advisor can support and advocate for students:

  • Model behavior
  • Engage students during advisory through empathy, listening, acceptance, and fun group activities
  • Monitor academic progress (attendance, grades, testing, and teacher evaluations)
  • Encourage participation in school teams, clubs, and activities
  • Lead students in community service activities
  • Communicate with teachers, coaches, and administrators to meet  students’ needs
  • Communicate progress and concerns to parents via phone, email, and conferences
  • Help identify, develop, and encourage each student’s strengths

Harpeth Campus

Glen Echo Campus

Phone Numbers

Main:  (615) 794-3501
Lower:  (615) 567-2002
Middle:  (615) 567-9013
Upper:  (615) 567-8513
Admissions:  (615) 567-8463
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