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Innovative Learning Center

The Innovative Learning Center provides academic enrichment and support for children in grades K-4. During these crucial early learning years when children encounter peaks and valleys in academic development, the Innovative Learning Center provides academic coaching, differentiated learning enrichment and support, coordination of academic services including speech and language therapy, and partnership with children, parents, and teachers. Working collaboratively with teachers, parents and other professionals as needed, our goal is to help each child thrive as a member of an engaged learning community.

Innovative Learning Center Programs

Academic Enrichment and Support
Battle Ground Academy makes reasonable accommodations for students with learning differences. Learning support is provided individually and in small groups, during class and after school, to help children successfully navigate academic expectations. Speech and language support is available for students who meet eligibility criteria.

Enrichment Clusters
Enrichment Clusters ignite and nurture students’ natural curiosities while allowing them the freedom to wonder. During this interdisciplinary enrichment time, children work with teachers and peers across grade levels in a format that affords the freedom to explore common curiosities. When children are allowed to investigate topics that are meaningful to them, they become more invested in their learning. The benefits of honoring these investigations extend far beyond content knowledge. More importantly, children are learning to ponder, to question, to satisfy their need to understand and to ignite their desire to know more. One of the greatest benefits of an independent school community is found in the autonomy to honor these learning experiences.

Entrepreneurship Week
Entrepreneurship Week honors the entrepreneurial spirit ‐ cultivating great ideas, rethinking assumptions, and challenging the status quo. Our entrepreneurial spirit has taken root in both business and social contexts. Topics include personal responsibility and economics; financial literacy; concepts of needs and wants, goods and services; civic responsibility; innovation; economic development, and social and moral responsibility.

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