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Academic Programs at Battle Ground Academy

Preparing Students Academically

Our mission to ignite and nurture student curiosity, intellect, and character plays out in a variety of ways school-wide, but it may be most evident in our approach  and implementation of  our academics

As a college preparatory school, we elevate students’ educational experiences and prepare them for the academic rigors of some of the country’s top colleges and universities. And as an independent private school, what we teach is not bound by specific cultural or religious beliefs nor by government mandate. 

Our Curriculum

In addition to the freedom to choose our curriculum and update it annually, we also choose how to teach it, developing differentiated learning plans based on students’ learning styles, motivators, and interests. 

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Inquiry-based learning

BGA's inquiry-based learning approach enhances the school's challenging college preparatory curriculum by harnessing students’ curiosity. Rather than simply presenting facts to students and expecting them to engage in rote memorization, our faculty pose questions that students use research and reasoning skills to solve, addressing real-world problems and issues important to our communities. 

The result: a deeper understanding of the material and a resilient, active thinker and engaged learner who is willing to ask questions, take risks, and unafraid to try, fail, and try again.