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BGA Faculty, Staff & Students Attend 2021 Tearing Down the Walls Conference

Over the summer, BGA faculty, staff, students -- and even some recent alumni -- attended the 2021 Tearing Down the Walls Conference for independent private schools. Throughout the conference, faculty and staff participated in interactive sessions on equity, antiracism, inclusion, and community, while students participated in their own program designed to identify and develop the qualities necessary to become leaders and bridge builders in any environment.

Crockett Rodriguez, Middle/Upper School Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, Middle School Softball and Girls Basketball Coach
“Tearing Down the Walls provided a unique opportunity to engage alongside colleagues in difficult, productive conversation on behalf of our school communities. While the work surrounding DEI is personal and requires deep introspection, action packed, solution filled sessions laid the foundation for growing the seeds that lead to systemic, institutional change. Real, raw, and at times, uncomfortable, I left Tearing Down the Walls encouraged, supported, and inspired to continue to passionately pursue equity and belonging for all. “

Angela Gist-Dowlen, Middle School English Faculty, Middle School DEI Coordinator
“TDTW was a great opportunity to hear different perspectives and have candid conversations regarding race and inclusivity. I felt that we had great dialogue, and we left with a challenge to take back to our respective spaces. We also learned that there are so many people out here doing the work to make all of our communities and ourselves better!”

Annie Conrady ‘22
“During my time at the Tearing Down the Walls Convention, I learned a lot about the experiences of my schoolmates at BGA as well as the experiences of students of color at other small private schools in the South. This was through engagement in both formal seminars discussions and also informally when talking at meal times and during our breaks. … It was inspiring to see how all the students at the conference had a shared vision of unity, understanding and desire to implement change at their schools. It was great to work together and come up with ideas to put into action at our schools in order to reach our goals with the support of our peers and faculty.” 

Erica DeLaugher ‘24
“My experience at Tearing Down the Walls conference was eye opening. It made me realize that other people feel what I sometimes feel. I definitely loved going and meeting other people with similar experiences.”