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Battle Ground Academy's Statement on Diversity

Battle Ground Academy believes in order to fulfill its mission, To ignite and nurture student curiosity, intellect, and character, includes preparing students for the diverse world in which they will work and live.

The BGA community recognizes and values the importance of all forms of diversity in enriching the educational, social, and life experiences of all its constituencies, board, administration, faculty, staff, parents and students. Our commitment to diversity is an ongoing process which strengthens and enhances our school. We honor this commitment through the admission process, hiring practices, professional development and curriculum. It is our goal to foster understanding, appreciation, and celebration of our commonalities and our differences. We strive to cultivate in students the skills, attitudes, and empathy that will be essential for them to be leaders and citizens of a diverse world.

What is diversity?

Diversity can be defined in many ways. At BGA, we define it as a commitment to recognizing, respecting and celebrating perspectives that differentiate us as individuals, as well as characteristics which make us similar. Diversity is the sense that no matter where you come from, who you are, or what your background is, there is a place for you.

BGA is a community striving to be an inclusive, welcoming environment where differences in all its forms are affirmed, appreciated and celebrated. We acknowledge that theses differences go beyond race, ethnicity, religion and gender. These differences endow the school and its community with a multitude of perspectives from different races, ethnicities, genders, cultures, social classes, and lifestyles. All perspectives are equally important and differences are not only welcomed, but also actively sought.

Carla Shedd, an assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies at Columbia University states: 

"[Diversity] also opens up different experiences and perspectives so [students] can share with one another and think within and across whatever boundaries there are: race, class, gender. It gives them a fuller sense of how the world works." 

How are we seeking to improve our diversity? We continue to raise our awareness of social issues and educate ourselves about the topic through dialog, curriculum, and special programs to promote understanding of the issues surrounding diversity. One of the primary initiatives identified by the community was the development of Battle Ground Academy's commitment statement on diversity.
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    Michelle (Gadson) Arnold 

    Dir. of Equity and Inclusion, Admissions Associate
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    Jack Pittman 

    US History, Associate Director of Equity & Inclusion, US Football
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