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Financial Aid

Since 1889, Battle Ground Academy has been providing young men and women outstanding educational opportunities. From the very beginning, BGA set out to enroll students based on their academic strengths, not based on their family’s financial ability. Many of our most successful students and alumni have benefited from programs to assist them with tuition.

Today BGA is fortunate to have an effective Financial Aid program to continue supporting young scholars who receive the ultimate gift of a Battle Ground Academy education instilled with the ideals of Character, Scholarship, and Excellence. In fact, 20% of our current student body receives some form of financial aid.

BGA funds the Financial Aid program through Endowment funds, BGA Fund contributions and the operating budget.

Financial aid covers tuition and not the extra costs associated with attending school at BGA. These extra costs may include books, consumable classroom supplies, lunch, and class trips.  A breakdown of all fees and costs is listed on the Tuition & Fees page of the website.

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How is financial aid determined?

    As with our peer schools, and as required by the TSSAA, BGA uses a third party, School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS), to evaluate the financial ability of each applicant. If you are applying for financial aid to BGA, you will need to complete the SSS application. You will be asked to document income, expenses, assets and liabilities. These are the basis for generating the estimate of need. Financial aid is based on a computation of need beyond a family’s current ability to meet the total cost of tuition. The BGA Financial Aid Committee uses this estimate of need as a guideline in granting aid. Please click the link at the right for the SSS Application to be completed online through the SSS website.
  • Q: What documents are required in the application process?

    In addition to the SSS application, BGA requires a copy of the most recent year's federal tax returns and all supporting schedules for new and existing BGA families.  BGA reserves the right to request additional documentation in support of the application. Processing of all documents is performed through SSS.
  • Q: Who can apply?

    Anyone can apply for financial aid, but only students who have been accepted to BGA and have completed the financial aid application process can be considered.
  • Q: How much financial aid may I expect to receive?

    Each case is considered individually. Only after financial need has been established through the third-party process can the amount of aid offered be determined. The average financial aid grant for the 2017-18 school year was $11,648.
  • Q: Where do I get financial aid information?

    You may obtain information by emailing, or call (615) 567-8519.
  • Q: Is there a deadline to be considered for financial aid?

    The deadline to complete the SSS Application and submit prior tax returns is February 1, 2019. Although applications will be accepted after this date, it is possible that funds will be exhausted.  All applications received after the deadline will be processed and put into a wait pool.
  • Q: Is financial aid renewable each year?

    Each year, new applications must be filed with SSS as well as a tax return copy provided to SSS. Changes in your financial status may affect the receipt of aid. Your student’s account must be kept current, and the student must maintain acceptable standards of academic performance and citizenship, as determined by the Division Head and/or Head of School to be considered for renewal. Students who receive financial aid are expected to contribute in positive ways to the daily school community.
  • Q: Does financial aid influence admission decisions?

    Financial aid does not influence admission decisions. Admission to BGA is an entirely separate and unrelated process.
  • Q: What about a divorce, step-parent situation?

    BGA expects both the custodial and non-custodial parents to participate in the support of their child at BGA. It is up to all parties involved to communicate and participate in good faith in this responsibility. The school requires the non-custodial parent to complete a PFS separately for their household.  If a child is living with a parent and step-parent, BGA will consider the step-parent’s income.
  • Q: Are there any restrictions on financial aid students?

    Each financial aid recipient is expected to maintain appropriate academic standards, to behave in a responsible and honorable manner, and to play a positive role in the daily life of the school community. Failure to maintain grades acceptable to the administration will disqualify a student for future financial aid awards. Parent’s fulfillment of financial and other obligations to the school will also be considered in renewing financial aid. Fulfilling these responsibilities will be considered in the awarding of financial aid. Summer programs do not qualify for financial aid.
  • Q: How are non-income producing parents considered when determining financial aid?

    Battle Ground Academy will assess and define an income level for non-income producing parents. This amount will be factored into the financial aid consideration.
  • Q: Are there payment options?

    Battle Ground Academy offers a variety of payment plans and options to help make private education a reality, including annual, semi-annual and monthly payments.

Important Dates for 2019-2020

Priority Application Deadline:  January 15, 2019
To be considered in the first round of admissions decisions, all applications and supporting materials need to be submitted by this date. Please keep in mind classes fill quickly, especially kindergarten.  After January 15, applications will still be considered as space allows.

Financial Aid Deadline:  
February 1, 2019
After February 1, applications will still be considered as funds allow.

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