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Student Organizations

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The start of the school year saw our first Student Activities and Club fair.  During the activity period of our academic schedule, Upper School students descended upon Cherry gymnasium.  Dozens of extracurricular activities and clubs had booths set up from which students could get information.  What is A.C.E.?  What outings are being planned by the Adventure Program?  What kind of music can I expect to experience in the dance club?  What books might be read in the book club?  There was something for every student as they made decisions on how they will invest their time during our activity periods on Fridays this semester.  Our incredible faculty and student leaders made the event a success.  Our community continues to find creative avenues to ignite and nurture the curiosity, intellect, and character of our student body.  It was a great day!
Adventure Program
Middle School and Upper School clubs which gives students the opportunity to bicycle, hike, rock climb, camp etc. as a group.
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Upper School Club Fair

Arts Guild
A group honoring and recognizing excellence in the arts in the fields of dance, drama, vocal and instrumental music, visual art, literature and songwriting. Members perform in two events: a parents' night exhibition and a performance in assembly. Guild combines a variety of talent in all areas of artistic ability and allows students and faculty to experience BGA's best in art.

A group of students who perform for a number of events throughout the year. Band students perform as a pep band for athletic events and a combined concert band 4 times a year. In addition, opportunities exist for jazz ensemble and solo experiences. The course is offered for credit and includes studies in Music Theory and History

Chamber Choir
A select choral group comprised of students in grades nine through 12. This choir performs as a part of the larger choir as well as numerous performances on their own. More emphasis is given to the singing of a cappella choral music as well as jazz and pop music.
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Chess Club
The Chess Club is a group of students who enjoy playing chess. Time is set aside during break (and sometimes after school) for students to come together and play in a quiet setting against other students. Chess instruction is also available for students who do not know how to play but who wish to learn.

A choral group comprised of students in grades nine through 12 who audition for placement in the choir. They perform in assemblies, school programs, choral festival and on-campus concerts. As a class, choir fulfills the fine arts requirement as a non-academic course. Students in choir may also audition for chamber choir.

Digamma is an in-school honor society. Members are BGA students who are sophomores, juniors or seniors having an honors cumulative academic GPA of 3.1. These students have no grade below 87 for the previous semester in any academic subject, have been enrolled in BGA for two full semesters, and have had no honor offenses in which their grades profited or could have profited. Digamma members are not required to attend study hall.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is the largest Christian sports organization in America. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ. The FCA mission is to present to athletes, coaches and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

French Club
Upper School French Club provides a great opportunity for students to have fun learning about French culture and the language.

Honor Council
Grades nine through 12 elect six seniors to serve on this prestigious council. Nominees must be approved by the faculty and are chosen on the basis of character and leadership. The council meets if there is a violation of the honor code; it reviews cases and advises the administration on a course of action. The Honor Council is instrumental in preserving the principles of integrity that form the honor code.

Mock Trial
A competition on the local, state, and national level. Students playing the roles of attorneys and witnesses for the prosecution and defense compete against teams from other schools. Coached by local lawyers and judges, the students try a hypothetical case in courtrooms before actual judges and attorneys.

Mu Alpha Theta
An organization designed to stimulate interest in math by providing public recognition of superior math scholarship. Eligible students must have completed two semesters of math and be currently enrolled in a math honors course. They must maintain a yearly average of 85% or above; students in their junior or senior year who are enrolled in a non-honors course and have an average of 94% or above also qualify. Members serve as math tutors in study hall as a service.

Club "D"
A primary purpose of the Multicultural Club is to explore issues of diversity and improve the students’ knowledge of cultural, religious and ethnic differences. The club members also work to help educate the rest of the student body regarding diversity and tolerance.

National Honor Society
An Upper School society in which membership is based on outstanding scholarship, leadership, character and service.

National Junior Honor Society
A Middle School society in which membership is based on outstanding scholarship, leadership, character and service.

The Quadrangle is the arts magazine for Battle Ground Academy. The contents include students’ original writing and artwork, covering a variety of genres and media, and may, on occasion, include musical contributions as well. 
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Science National Honor Society
The Science National Honor Society is a national scope, Upper School level honor society for students who have demonstrated high overall academic achievement with particularly high achievement in science.
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Science Club
The Science Club is for students interested in science in any of its myriad aspects. Membership is open to the entire student body. The main goal of the Science Club is to share interest in science and increase awareness and understanding of science-based issues.
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Spanish Club
The Spanish Club is open to all students presently enrolled in Spanish as well as those who have already completed their foreign language requirement. The club seeks to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the Spanish language and culture among the students.

Speech and Debate
The Speech and Debate Team is a nationally competitive student organization that participates in events such as original oratory and extemporaneous speaking; Lincoln-Douglas debate and Public Forum debate; and many interpretive events such as dramatic and humorous interpretations.
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Student Council
The Student Council is comprised of students elected by each class that serves the dual role of service and as a liaison for the students and school administration. Each class elects three representatives and the student body elects a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
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The Echo
The Echo is the student-run voice of the upper school. Using an electronic format and published bi-monthly, the BGA family can access the latest news, features, reviews, and editorials of the upper school student body.