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Why Give?

For 125 years, Battle Ground Academy's culture has been one of giving: to the BGA community and to the broader community. BGA is able to be the school we are because of support we receive from:
  • parents
  • alumni
  • trustees
  • faculty
  • grandparents
  • students
  • community friends and corporations.

Year after year, these BGA friends give their time, treasure and talent to make a great school. Beyond tangible financial assistance, their support shows a belief in our mission.

Understanding the True Costs
As with other independent schools, tuition does not cover all costs of running our school. At BGA, tuition only covers approximately 88% of what it takes to educate a BGA student. We rely on The BGA Fund, the name of our annual fund, to make up the additional 12% gap. 

Giving Back
Just as BGA depends on the support of its community--parents, alumni, faculty and students--we believe in the necessity to give back. BGA gives to the community through...
  • Need-based scholarships
  • Community outreach programs
  • Providing our state-of-the-art facilities for many community events.

Leading by Example
BGA's Board of Trustees has set a strategic vision that speaks directly to our fundraising objectives. Our board members are committed to ensuring that BGA has the financial resources necessary to be a truly great independent school. During the past year, every Trustee as contributed financially to Battle Ground Academy. 

Seeing the Results
In 2014, the graduating seniors will attend 38 different colleges in 17 states and Scotland.  Class highlights include:
  • 11% of the class were National Merit Finalists and Commended Scholars
  • Over 90% are attending their number one college choice
  • 13% are playing athletics at the college level
  • 4,502 hours of community service performed during the 2013-2014 school year
These accomplishments are the result of the financial resources we raise beyond the cost of tuition. BGA's students succeed in part due to the resources the school is able to provide them. 

Giving Priorities
The BGA Fund is our highest philanthropic priority each year. Occasionally we will identify capital projects and fund through those projects through a special capital fundraising campaign effort.  In addition, the school builds it's long term financial stability through the endowment and planned gift.  Please click on the links below to learn more about each initiative.
Thank you for considering your support of BGA at any level. Know that your commitment will truly make a difference in the lives of every student and teacher.
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